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Some of the harsh realities of the Harris County Jail, and any other jail for that matter, are listed below.

  • Loss of Freedom.
  • Forced to eat terrible food (By circumstance).
  • Expensive phone calls.
  • Smells of criminal inmate feet for weeks on end.
  • You must submit to the authority of the 13.00 per hour guards that own you during their shift.
  • The chance of death or injury in the event of a prison fight.
  • The chance of being sodomized by other inmates, thus, losing your manhood.
  • Limited food options, including commissary.
  • Non-smoking environment.
  • Continuous sleep interruption.
  • Entertainment options are severely limited.

As you can see, the criminal penalties for DWI in Texas can go on for years, the last thing you wanna do is get stopped by the cops for buzzed driving.