When a person is accused of a DWI offense in Texas the situation is severe and dire for people who are convicted. The following represents some of the most common penalties for persons convicted of Driving While Intoxicated in Texas.

Possible Penalties for DWI in Texas

  • Loss of Texas Driver License
  • You may have to serve jail time
  • You’ll have a criminal record showing that you’re a drunk driver
  • Fines will also be order by the court, which could go into the thousands
  • You may have to have a anti-drunk-driving breath check device on your vehicle

As you can see, being convicted of a Driving While Intoxicated is a serious criminal offense in Texas due to the threat faced by the public. There are a number of instances where innocent people have been killed as a result of a drunken driving losing control of their vehicle in Houston, and in other localities in Texas.

If charged with DWI, you’ll need the best DWI defense lawyer you can find to avoid the most harsh of punishment.