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A Plethora of Houston DWI Law Firms

Houston law firms come a dime a dozen when it comes to claims of an ability to effectively defend people who’ve been accused of drunk driving (DWI). Houston-Texas

There are number of top lawyers in our city that are capable of an affordable and aggressive DWI defense but many Houstonians aren’t aware of who they are. And in many cases the lawyers that they do find seem to be some of the best in the business, but are only best in finding the right marketing agency to bring in new clients.

Former Prosecutors Are Best

Some of the best attorneys in the DWI defense field are former prosecutors and know the mechanisms used by the District Attorney’s Office during the litigation of criminal cases in the court of law. The DAs office is also well trained when it comes to bending the malleable minds of jurors due to the obvious advantage they hold in the court.

Let’s face it, if you get a chance to present your case first anything presented afterwards play second fiddle. Experienced attorneys understand this and have strategies for winning during trials.

Beating Texas Drunk Driving Cases

A number of people don’t understand that it is possible to defeat DWI accusations in the court of law. In some cases these cases have to go to a full-blown courtroom trial, but many times they are resolved outside of trial via a plea or case dismissal. The smart DWI lawyers strive for case dismissals based on scientific evidence. After all, you can’t trust the police to serve in the best interests of the person arrested. Even though the criminal justice system is broken, good lawyers still matter.

When seeking a defense lawyer for your Driving While Intoxicated case it’s important that they focus on the details of the case, develop solid strategies that can be used in your favor, and that they’ll be up front with you about your best options and the ramifications of any decision that you make.